Considerations For Use When Selecting, Installing, And Operating AC Drive Panels

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1.) Use Separate Conduit for input and output power control wiring when installing a Variable Frequency Drive Panel.

2.) When selecting the enclosure for a Pre-engineered Drive Panel, consider the Ambient Temperature.

  • Should the AC Drive Panel include an air conditioner?
  • Should a winter space heater be included within the VFD Panel?

3.) Adequate Ventilation and or an external heat sink could be a possibility for the AC Drive Package. Will the AC Drive Panel be used indoors or outdoors?

4.) The manufacturer of the VFD within the AC Drive Panel should specify Elevation restrictions.

5.) The AC Motor FLA should be determined when selecting the variable frequency drive within the Packaged Drive Panel.

6.) The Communication requirements should be determined when selecting the appropriate VFD to be utilized within the Pre-engineered AC Drive Panel.

7.) Will the application require Open Loop or Closed Loop Control from the Variable Frequency Drive Panel?

8.) What type of Application will be required of the Pre-engineered Drive Panel?

  • Conveyor?
  • Winder?
  • Positive Displacement Pump?
  • Beam Pump?
  • Centrifugal Pump?
  • Extruders?
  • Fan?
  • Elevators?
  • Countered Weighted?
  • LACT Unit
  • Downhole Pump? Compressor?
  • Mixers?
  • Cranes and Lifts?

9.) What will be the Speed Range requirements for the motor? This information will often dictate the AC drive used for the Packaged AC Drive Solution.

10.) Will Acceleration and or Deceleration time be critical considerations for the Custom AC Drive Panel?

11.) What Type of Control will be used?

  • 2-wire
  • Local
  • 3-wire
  • Remote

This information will be used to customize the enclosure for the Variable Frequency Drive Panel.

12.) How far from the AC Drive Package will the AC motor be located?

13.) Will a Line Reactor or Load Reactor be required for the Pre-engineered AC Drive Panel?

14.) How will the Motor be Stopped? Perhaps dynamic braking will be required of the VFD Panel.

15.) Will the AC Drive Panel require a Fusible Disconnect or Circuit Breaker Disconnect?

16.) Will the VFD Package require a two or perhaps a three contactor bypass with thermal overload protection to insure continued machine operation?

17.) Could a Soft Starter Bypass, within the AC Drive Panel, be utilized to insure continued machine operation?

18.) Will an EMI Filter be required and built into the AC Drive Panel?

19.) Will there be a need to switch the AC Drive Panel from line power to a standby generator?

20.) Will a Voltage Monitor be required for the Packaged AC Drive Panel to provide protection in case of loss of phase, under or over voltage, or voltage imbalance between phases?

21.) If a 3R enclosure is utilized for the AC Drive Panel, a Lighting Arrestor could be included.

22.) Name on outer door showing the machine ID to be controlled by the Pre-engineered Drive Panel?

23.) Isolation transformers are sometimes utilized to insure complete isolation of grounding and possible noise producing input power.