Delta VFD C200 Series AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
Please Call for replacement assistance 800-985-6929

The VFD-C200 Series is an intelligent vector control micro drive that provides versatile control modes for motors and includes built-in PLC functions with capacity up to 5,000 steps. It is suitable for harsh environment applications with a strengthened thermal and anti-dust design that provides comprehensive protection.

Delta VFD C200 Series AC Drives

Delta C200 Series AC Drives


  • Built-in PLC program with 5,000 steps capacity
  • Built-in brake chopper
  • MODBUS RS-485 and CANopen (Slave)
  • The high-brightness LED keypad shares the same extension cable of the VFD-E/M/B Series to maximize operation distance
  • Supports open loop control of permanent motors (PM Sensorless)
  • Two high speed pulse input terminals MI7 and MI8 built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz
  • Two high speed pulse output terminals DFM1 and DFM2 built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz
  • New PCB coating for circuit (IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2) and thermal design suitable for harsh environment applications
  • C200 Series Frame A supports wall mounted installation
Part Numbers:
Item # HP Volts Phase Amps
Delta VFD004CB21A-20 1/2HP 230V 1PH 2.8A
Delta VFD004CB21A-21 1/2HP 230V 1PH 2.8A
Delta VFD004CB21A-21M 1/2HP 230V 1PH 2.8A
Delta VFD004CB23A-20 1/2HP 230V 3PH 2.8A
Delta VFD004CB23A-21 1/2HP 230V 3PH 2.8A
Delta VFD004CB23A-21M 1/2HP 230V 3PH 2.8A
Delta VFD007CB21A-20 1HP 230V 1PH 4.8A
Delta VFD007CB21A-21 1HP 230V 1PH 4.8A
Delta VFD007CB21A-21M 1HP 230V 1PH 4.8A
Delta VFD007CB23A-20 1HP 230V 3PH 4.8A
Delta VFD007CB23A-21 1HP 230V 3PH 4.8A
Delta VFD007CB23A-21M 1HP 230V 3PH 4.8A
Delta VFD015CB21A-20 2HP 230V 1PH 7.1A
Delta VFD015CB21A-21 2HP 230V 1PH 7.1A
Delta VFD015CB21A-21M 2HP 230V 1PH 7.1A
Delta VFD015CB23A-21 2HP 230V 3PH 7.1A
Delta VFD015CB23A-20 2HP 230V 3PH 7.1A
Delta VFD015CB23A-21M 2HP 230V 3PH 7.1A
Delta VFD022CB21A-20 3HP 230V 1PH 10A
Delta VFD022CB21A-21 3HP 230V 1PH 10A
Delta VFD022CB21A-21M 3HP 230V 1PH 10A
Delta VFD022CB23A-20 3HP 230V 3PH 10A
Delta VFD022CB23A-21 3HP 230V 3PH 10A
Delta VFD022CB23A-21M 3HP 230V 3PH 10A
Delta VFD037CB23A-20 5HP 230V 3PH 16A
Delta VFD037CB23A-21 5HP 230V 3PH 16A
Delta VFD037CB23A-21M 5HP 230V 3PH 16A
Delta VFD007CB43A-20 1HP 460V 3PH 2.9A
Delta VFD007CB43A-21 1HP 460V 3PH 2.9A
Delta VFD007CB43A-21M 1HP 460V 3PH 2.9A
Delta VFD015CB43A-20 2HP 460V 3PH 3.8A
Delta VFD015CB43A-21 2HP 460V 3PH 3.8A
Delta VFD015CB43A-21M 2HP 460V 3PH 3.8A
Delta VFD022CB43A-20 3HP 460V 3PH 5.7A
Delta VFD022CB43A-21 3HP 460V 3PH 5.7A
Delta VFD022CB43A-21M 3HP 460V 3PH 5.7A
Delta VFD037CB43A-20 5HP 460V 3PH 8.1A
Delta VFD037CB43A-21 5HP 460V 3PH 8.1A
Delta VFD037CB43A-21M 5HP 460V 3PH 8.1A
Delta VFD040CB43A-20 5HP 460V 3PH 9.5A
Delta VFD040CB43A-21 5HP 460V 3PH 9.5A
Delta VFD040CB43A-21M 5HP 460V 3PH 9.5A
Delta VFD055CB43A-20 7.5HP 460V 3PH 11A
Delta VFD055CB43A-21 7.5HP 460V 3PH 11A
Delta VFD055CB43A-21M 7.5HP 460V 3PH 11A
Delta VFD075CB43A-20 10HP 460V 3PH 17A

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