Delta IED Series AC Drives

The Delta Integrated Elevator Drive (IED) meets international safety standards (UL/CE) to ensure elevator passenger safety. The new technology integrates host controller and AC motor drive functions into one MCU which vastly improves the elevator’s operational performance, efficiency and reliability. In addition, the Delta IED series provides one-stop shopping that includes all an elevator needs in planning, assembly, technology and services to lower cost and offer the ultimate flexibility for a wide range of applications. The Delta IED series integrates solutions and professional technical support, providing you with outstanding elevator reliability and performance.

Delta IED Series AC Drives

Delta IED Series AC Drives


  • Output frequency: 0.00~120.00Hz; ability to output 150% of torque at 0Hz
  • Field Oriented Vector Control precisely controls elevator operation Elevator accelerates or decelerates in a smooth S curve to provide a smooth and reliable ride
  • Back up power connection (supports single-phase 230VAC UPS) to ensure passenger safety when power failure occurs
  • Overload capability: 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 3 seconds
  • All models up to 30KW are offered with built-in brake module
  • Built-in Modbus/CAN bus communication interface
  • Optional accessories LCD keypad and PC software for tuning are available upon purchase

Part Numbers

Item # VOLT Phase Kw HP Amps
Frame B
Delta IED022A21A 230V 3PH 2.2Kw 3HP 26A
Delta IED040A23A 230V 3PH 4.0Kw 5HP 25A
Delta IED040A43A 460V 3PH 4.0Kw 5HP 17A
Frame C
Delta IED055A23A 230V 3PH 5.5Kw 7.7HP 30A
Delta IED055A43A 460V 3PH 5.5Kw 7.5HP 18A
Delta IED075A23A 230V 3PH 7.5Kw 7.5HP 38A
Delta IED075A43A 460V 3PH 7.5Kw 10HP 22A
Delta IED110A23A 230V 3PH 11Kw 15HP 56A
Delta IED110A43A 460V 3PH 11Kw 15HP 28A
Frame D
Delta IED150A23A 230V 3PH 15Kw 20HP 23A
Delta IED150A43A 460V 3PH 15Kw 20HP 37A
Delta IED185A23A 230V 3PH 18.5Kw 25HP 95A
Delta IED185A43A 460V 3PH 18.5Kw 25HP 47A
Delta IED220A23A 230V 3PH 22Kw 30HP 107A
Delta IED220A43A 460V 3PH 22Kw 30HP 56A
Delta IED300A23A 230V 3PH 30Kw 40HP 163A
Delta IED300A43A 460V 3PH 30Kw 40HP 72A
Frame E
Delta IED370A23A 230V 3PH 37Kw 50HP 200A
Delta IED370A43A 460V 3PH 37Kw 50HP 99A
Delta IED450A43A 460V 3PH 45Kw 60HP 123A
Delta IED550A43A 460V 3PH 55Kw 75HP 150A
Delta IED750A43A 460V 3PH 75Kw 100HP 180A

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