Delta REG2000 Series AC Drives

Delta REG2000 Series AC Drives


A traditional drive system used for inertia load work generally performs rapid deceleration, braking and positioning. When its motor is in generator mode it produces large amounts of regenerative energy that must be consumed to maintain a stable DC bus voltage and safe operation. The traditional method to solve the regenerative energy problem is to install a brake resistor. While it is easy to install and is low cost, it takes up a large amount of space and requires installing additional devices to dissipate the heat. This method provides limited efficiency and wastes the regenerative energy.

Delta’s REG2000 series is capable of collecting and converting your system’s regenerative energy into reusable electricity for the ultimate in energy savings. The installation process is as simple as installing a brake resistor, but with only half the size and better efficiency. The REG2000 is your best green energy solution for power regeneration.


  • Lower harmonics and high power factor using sinewave PWM control
  • Compact design with reactor included and easy installation needs only 5 wires of connection
  • Replace traditional brake resistor providing reduced heat generation and more than 95% power regeneration efficiency
  • Improves drive brake torque 125% to 150%
  • MODBUS 485 communication to real-time monitor kWh and cost
  • High flexibility, compatible with other inverters and servo drives
  • Parallel connections* for large power applications
  • More option cards* available upon purchase: MODBUS TCP, CANopen (DS301), PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP


Large-inertia load applications:centrifuge equipment, industrial laundries, roving machines and more.
4-quadrant load applications: elevators, cranes, pumpjacks and more.
Quick braking applications: machine tools, bag making machines, auto storage and retrieval systems, press machines and more.
Long-term energy feedback applications: printing machines, escalators and more.

Part Numbers

Item # VOLT Phase Kw AMPS
Frame A
Delta REG075A23A-21 230V 3PH 7.5kW 20A
Delta REG110A23A-21 230V 3PH 11kW 32A
Delta REG075A43A-21 460V 3PH 7.5kW 10.5A
Delta REG110A43A-21 460V 3PH 11kW 17A
Delta REG150A43A-21 460V 3PH 15kW 20A
Frame B 230V 3PH 11kW 32A
Delta REG150A23A-21 230V 3PH 15kW 38A
Delta REG185A23A-21 230V 3PH 18.5kW 49A
Delta REG220A23A-21 230V 3PH 22kW 60A
Delta REG185A43A-21 460V 3PH 18.5kW 25A
Delta REG220A43A-21 460V 3PH 22kW 32A
Delta REG300A43A-21 460V 3PH 30kW 43A
Frame C
Delta REG300A23A-21 230V 3PH 30kW 80A
Delta REG370A23A-21 230V 3PH 37kW 100A
Delta REG370A43A-21 460V 3PH 37kW 49A
Delta REG450A43A-21 460V 3PH 45kW 60A
Delta REG550A43A-21 460V 3PH 55kW 75A

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Delta REG2000 Manual PDF

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