Delta Text Panels


Text Panel is a monochrome text and graphical panel where people and machines work together. Though it is not as plenty and vivid as colorful graphical interface, it still can convert many program codes into text and graphical display and show on Text Panel.

Delta Text Panel is known for its simple operation and control function. The whole series support various communication protocols. It has the advantages of light weight, cost-effective price and good flexibility in use, which can help the user to quickly control the system and improve working efficiency.

Item # Memory Pixels
TP02 Series 256k Flash Memory 128*64 pixels
TP04G-AS1/TP04G-AS2 Series 256k Flash Memory 128*64 pixels
TP04G-AL-C/TP04G-AL2 Series
TP04G-BL-C Series 192*64 pixels
TP05 / TP08 Series 512K Flash Memory TP05 series: 160*80 pixels / TP08 series: 240*128 pixels

Delta DVP-Catalog