Delta VFD-VE AC Drives

Delta no longer considers this series to be core product.
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Delta VFD-VE AC Drives

Delta VFD-VE AC Drives

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Delta VFD-VE Series – FOC AC Drives

This series adopts FOC (Field Oriented Control) which is a far more precise vector control algorithm. It can be used in both speed control and position control similar to a servo motor drive. The multi-function I/O terminal is expanded to meet users’ various application needs. In addition, it is supplied with a Windows based PC software program for managing parameters and dynamic monitoring. It provides an excellent solution for load regulation. It can output 150% of rated torque at zero speed, and it can have “point to point” and relative distance control functions for position control, making it the best choice for challenging industrial control applications.


  • Output frequency: 0~600Hz
  • 4 points adjustable V/F curve, Sensorless Vector Control, Field-Oriented Control
  • Position/Speed/Torque control mode
  • ?Sensorless Vector Control 150% torque at 0.5Hz
  • 150% holding torque with speed feedback
  • Overload : 150% for 1 minute and 200% for 2 seconds
  • Rotational/Static Auto-tuning for the motor parameters and Auto-tuning for load inertia
  • Excellence torque limit in all 4 quadrants of operation
  • Dual RS-485 ports, Fieldbus and PC software tools for applications


Power transmission equipment, elevator, crane, CNC tooling machines, extrusion machines, injection molding machines, and auto-storage and retrieval systems.

Part Numbers:

Item # HP Volts Phase Amps
Delta VFD007V23A-2 1HP 230V 3PH 10A
Delta VFD015V23A-2 2HP 230V 3PH 15A
Delta VFD022V23A-2 3HP 230V 3PH 30A
Delta VFD037V23A-2 5HP 230V 3PH 40A
Delta VFD055V23A-2 7.5HP 230V 3PH 50A
Delta VFD075V23A-2 10HP 230V 3PH 60A
Delta VFD110V23A-2 15HP 230V 3PH 100A
Delta VFD150V23A-2 20HP 230V 3PH 125A
Delta VFD185V23A-2 25HP 230V 3PH 150A
Delta VFD220V23A-2 30HP 230V 3PH 175A
Delta VFD300V23A-2 40HP 230V 3PH 250A
Delta VFD370V23A-2 50HP 230V 3PH 125A
Delta VFD007V43A-2 1HP 460V 3PH 5A
Delta VFD015V43A-2 2HP 460V 3PH 10A
Delta VFD022V43A-2 3HP 460V 3PH 15A
Delta VFD037V43A-2 5HP 460V 3PH 20A
Delta VFD055V43A-2 7.5HP 460V 3PH 30A
Delta VFD075V43A-2 10HP 460V 3PH 40A
Delta VFD110V43B-2 15HP 460V 3PH 100A
Delta VFD110V43A-2 15HP 460V 3PH 50A
Delta VFD150V43A-2 20HP 460V 3PH 60A
Delta VFD185V43A-2 25HP 460V 3PH 75A
Delta VFD220V43A-2 30HP 460V 3PH 100A
Delta VFD300V43A-2 40HP 460V 3PH 225A
Delta VFD370V43A-2 50HP 460V 3PH 150A
Delta VFD450V43A-2 60HP 460V 3PH 175A
Delta VFD550V43C-2 75HP 460V 3PH 250A
Delta VFD750V43C-2 100HP 460V 3PH 300A