Grove HMQ832 Series Gear Reducers

APPLICATIONS: Wide variety of applications requiring slow speed and high torque, ideal for conveyors, material handling, textile machines, packaging machinery, etc.

Model Number Catalog Number Output Shaft CONFIG Ratio
GR-HMQ832-5-H-180-XX GR8320593.XX Hollow Bore 5
GR-HMQ832-5-H-210-XX GR8320597.XX Hollow Bore 5
GR-HMQ832-7.5-H-180-XX GR8320594.XX Hollow Bore 7.5
GR-HMQ832-7.5-H-210-XX GR8320598.XX Hollow Bore 7.5
GR-HMQ832-10-H-140-XX GR8320541.XX Hollow Bore 10
GR-HMQ832-10-H-180-XX GR8320549.XX Hollow Bore 10
GR-HMQ832-10-H-210-XX GR8320599.XX Hollow Bore 10
GR-HMQ832-15-H-140-XX GR8320542.XX Hollow Bore 15
GR-HMQ832-15-H-180-XX GR8320550.XX Hollow Bore 15
GR-HMQ832-20-H-140-XX GR8320543.XX Hollow Bore 20
GR-HMQ832-20-H-180-XX GR8320551.XX Hollow Bore 20
GR-HMQ832-25-H-140-XX GR8320544.XX Hollow Bore 25
GR-HMQ832-25-H-180-XX GR8320552.XX Hollow Bore 25
GR-HMQ832-30-H-140-XX GR8320545.XX Hollow Bore 30
GR-HMQ832-30-H-180-XX GR8320553.XX Hollow Bore 30
GR-HMQ832-40-H-56-XX GR8320538.XX Hollow Bore 40
GR-HMQ832-40-H-140-XX GR8320546.XX Hollow Bore 40
GR-HMQ832-40-H-180-XX GR8320554.XX Hollow Bore 40
GR-HMQ832-50-H-56-XX GR8320539.XX Hollow Bore 50
GR-HMQ832-50-H-140-XX GR8320547.XX Hollow Bore 50
GR-HMQ832-50-H-180-XX GR8320555.XX Hollow Bore 50
GR-HMQ832-60-H-56-XX GR8320540.XX Hollow Bore 60
GR-HMQ832-60-H-140-XX GR8320548.XX Hollow Bore 60
GR-HMQ832-60-H-180-XX GR8320556.XX Hollow Bore 60
GR-HMQ832-80-H-56-XX GR8320587.XX Hollow Bore 80
GR-HMQ832-80-H-140-XX GR8320591.XX Hollow Bore 80
GR-HMQ832-100-H-56-XX GR8320588.XX Hollow Bore 100