Grove Right Angle Gear Reducer GR-HM815-25-H-56-10

Grove Right Angle Gear Reducer GR8150530.10GROVE Catalog Number: GR8150530.10
GROVE Model Number: GR-HM815-25-H-56-10
Description: 800 Series Cast-Iron Right Angle Gear Reducer
Output Shaft CONFIG: Hollow Bore

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APPLICATIONS: Wide variety of applications requiring slow speed and high torque, ideal for conveyors, material handling, textile machines, packaging machinery, etc.


  • Heavy duty cast iron housings construction
  • Factory filled with Premium Synthetic PAG Lube as standard
  • Precision mounting surfaces
  • O-rings on input and output covers
  • Viton Seals throughout
  • Cast Iron NEMA C input flange, Push-off holes
  • Seal Guard
  • IronMan fine-grained, one-piece cast housing
  • Bronze alloy worm gear
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Premium Grade 5 assembly bolts throughout
  • Mounting dimensions are interchangeable with Baldor 900 series, Boston Gear, Browning Raider, Falk, Morse Invader and other “industry standard” reducers.

GROVE Gear Reducers combine the premium features of the GROVE IRONMAN with the industry's broadest product offering of the Grove Gear Flexaline.

Ratio:1 25
Input RPM 1750
Output RPM 70
Input HP 0.752
Output HP 0.559
Output Torque (lb.-in.) 503
Housing Construction Cast Iron
Overhung Load (lbs.) 860
Reducer Type Worm – Right Angle
Center Distance (in) 1.54
Reducer Style HM
Input Style C-faced Coupling
Frame Size 56C
Assembly HM-L
Output Shaft Assembly H (Hollow Shaft)
Bore Size (in) 5/8