Hitachi Industrial X200 Series AC Drives

Hitachi Industrial X200 Series AC Variable Speed DrivesHitachi X200 AC Drive


  • Easy operation and setup by integrated keypad-standard
  • Enhanced remote keypad and ProDrive PC-based configuration software-optional
  • Powerful feature set:
    • Contactor Form Factor
  • Emergency Stop Function
  • Improved Trip Avoidance Function
  • Built in timing logic
  • Automatic Energy-Saving Function
  • Sink/Source Selectable Inputs
  • Instantaneious Power Failure Recover
  • Automatic Carrier Frequency Reduction
  • RS485 Modbus/RTU Standard
  • RoHS Compliant

FREE SHIPPING on the X200 Series AC Drives (ground service using our choice of carrier, within the contiguous United States only)Hitachi Industrial X200 Series Catalog Numbers: 

200-240 volt, 1 or 3 phase

Item # HP Volts Phase Amps
Hitachi X200 Series X200-002NFU2 1/4HP 200-240V 1 or 3PH 1.4A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-004NFU2 1/2 200-240V 1 or 3PH 2.6A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-007NFU2 1HP 200-240V 1 or 3PH 4.0A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-015NFU2 2HP 200-240V 1 or 3PH 7.1A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-022NFU2 3HP 200-240V 1 or 3PH 10A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-037LFU2 5HP 200-240V 1 or 3PH 15.9A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-055LFU2 7.5HP 200-240V 1 or 3PH 24A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-075LFU2 10HP 200-240V 1 or 3PH 32A

380-480 volt, 3 phase

Item # HP Volts Phase Amps
Hitachi X200 Series X200-004HFU2 1/2HP 380-480V 3PH 1.5A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-007HFU2 1HP 380-480V 3PH 2.5A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-015HFU2 2HP 380-480V 3PH 3.8A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-022HFU2 3HP 380-480V 3PH 5.5A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-040HFU2 5HP 380-480V 3PH 8.6A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-055HFU2 7.5HP 380-480V 3PH 13A
Hitachi X200 Series X200-075HFU2 10HP 380-480V 3PH 16A