Motovario EM16 DV

IP 20 / NEMA 1  &  IP 66 / NEMA  4X


  • Advanced sensorless vector control, providing a powerful starting torque at low frequency with high performance operation at the highest efficiency
  • New generation of IPM/ PIM power module can reach higher efficiency of switching and compact design of inverters
  • Useful for reading information
  • Directly frequency setting and simple to adjust speed
  • Lower electromagnetic interference effectively
  • Fan control is based on the ambient temperature of key components to lower noise and avoid unnecessary energy wasted
  • Reduce audible motor noise at low carrier frequency
  • Provide advanced application functions under the circumstance of emergency or fire
  • Built-in sensors detection on operation temperature to avoid the probability of inverter tripping in too high temperature.
  • Provide constant control requirements of frequency, pressure, flow, air volume in applications, such as HVAC
  • Simple process control to save the cost of external PLC
  • Fast parameters copying to reduce time of installation, maintenance and replacement
  • Reduce the possibility of unknown objects entering to avoid damaging components and improve product reliability

32 bit RISC Processor with an advanced – IGBT power switching technology

Output frequency range is 0-650Hz

Power range: 200V 0,37~15kW – 400V 0,75~18,5kW

H / W Function

The latest generation of IGBT power module

With 7-segment 5-digit display panel

Standard built-in VR knob

Built-in EMC filter in compliance with IEC/ EN 61800-3 & 61800-5-1

Fan control (set by parameter)

S / W Function

Soft-PWM modulation

Integrated safety stop and fire mode functions

Auto carrier frequency switching

Built-in PID controller

Built-in PLC function

Expansion Flexibility

Built-in Modbus Communication (RS485)

PC-software/ Copy unit


External cooling heatsink