Motovario LM16 DV



  • Output frequency up to 599Hz
  • Built-in Modbus RS485 communication for one to one and one to many control
  • Built-in digital display and keypad including speed adjustment potentiometer
  • RJ45 interface for PC and copy module
  • Compact space saving design for side by side installation
  • Plus optional Din rail mounting kit
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Rapid stop function built-in complying with global standard
  • Earthing terminals built-in into heat sink to effectively provide grounding protection
  • Flip form communication interface for easy link and dust-proof feature, with operational and protective functions
  • Auto Carrier frequency change to limit inverter over temperature
  • Frame1 with fanless design can effectively objects entry to extends product life
  • Higher reliability and environment immunity with coated PCB
  • 32 bit 100M Hz CPU design provides high performance, faster A/D conversion and torque compensation
  • Control mode include V/F and SLV
  • Communication interface modules for Profibus/ DeviceNet/ Ethernet (TCP/IP)/ CANopen
  • New Built-in BACnet communication function
  • Built-in EMI filter. For interference suppression in compliance with (IEC) EN61800-3 and (IEC) EN 61800-5-1 standard
  • LM16 connects grounding kit (option) to enhance the EMC effect
  • Motor over-temperature protective function to protect motor (fulfilled by PTC)
Control Mode 

V/F Control + SLV control


Setting resolution

Digital input: 0,01Hz
Analog input: 0,015Hz/60Hz or 0,012Hz/50Hz


Keypad: Set directly with ▲ ▼ keys or the VR (Potentiometer) on the keypad
External Input Terminals: AVI (0/2~10V) – ACI (0/4~20mA) input
Setting frequency by communication method

Frequency limit

Lower and upper frequency limits – 3 – skip frequency settings
Keypad run, stop button
External terminals: Multi-function operation mode (2 or 3 wire selection) Jog operation
Run signal by communication method

V/F Curve Setting 

6 fixed curves and one customized curve

Carrier Frequency 

1~16kHz (default 5kHz)

Acceleration and Deceleration Control

2 off Acc / dec time parameters – 4 sections of S curve setting

Multifunction Input

5 points, Frame 1/2: PNP by separate models, Frame 3/4: PNP switchable

Multifunction Output 

16 functions (refer to description on group3)

Multifunction Analog Output

5 functions (refer to description on group4) – 1 point (0~10V)

Main Features

Overload Detection, 8 preset speeds, Auto-run, Acc/Dec Switch (2 Stages), Main/Alt run Command select, Main/Alt Frequency Command select, PID control, torque boost, V/F start Frequency, Fault reset.