Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 2

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers - Page 1

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers
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Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors

Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 2

Nord SK 43125 – 71S/4
Nord SK 43125 – 80L/4
Nord SK 43125 – 80LH/4
Nord SK 43125 – 80S/4
Nord SK 43125 – 90L/4
Nord SK 43125 – 90LH/4
Nord SK 43125 – 90S/4
Nord SK 43125 – 90SH/4
Nord 1SM40AZB-71L/4
Nord 33110012-IP66
Nord 33610022-NSD+-IP66
Nord 71L/4 C U S
Nord 71S/4CUS
Nord 901121VF-71L/4CUS
Nord 90121VF-71L/4CUS
Nord DFT71D6-KS
Nord FA47DFT80N4-KS
Nord FAF37DT100L4-KS
Nord K12063-80 S/4
Nord K172-71L/4
Nord K272-80L/4
Nord K9012-63L/4-41.65-A
Nord K9032-100L/4-99.85-A
Nord KA37/TDRS80S4
Nord KA37TDRS71S4
Nord KA67DT90L4-KS
Nord R37DT90S4TF
Nord SA47D16BDT80K4-KS
Nord SA47DRS80S4
Nord SAF57DRS80S4
Nord SH47/DRS71M4
Nord SH77/DRS90L4
Nord SH77/T/DV100L4
Nord SH77/TDRS100M4
Nord SK 53-80LH/4 CUS
Nord SK 9013.1 – 63L/4 TW
Nord SK.652SU IEC90A
Nord SK01-71 L/4
Nord SK01F-71L/4
Nord SK02040
Nord SK02050-90SH/4
Nord SK02050AF56C2.0-63L/4
Nord SK02050AZD-71-L/4-CUS
Nord SK02050AZD71L4CU
Nord SK02-71L/4
Nord SK02-90L/4 4.82 ratio (344RPM)
Nord SK02-90L/4 5.57 ratio (298 RPM)
Nord SK05-71 L/4 TW