Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 3

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers - Page 1

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers
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Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors

Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 3

Nord SK10/1 D-22941
Nord SK103/52-132S4
Nord SK112M/4 CUS
Nord SK112M/4TW
Nord SK11F 0-200 DC
Nord SK12 F 56C
Nord SK12063-80LH/4
Nord SK12063-N140TC
Nord SK12-100L/4 4.93 ratio (346 RPM)
Nord SK12-100L/4 5.79 ratio (294 RPM)
Nord SK12-100L/4 8.56 ratio (199 RPM)
Nord SK12-56C
Nord SK12-71 S/4 CUS
Nord SK127124B
Nord SK12-71L/4
Nord SK1282AZBH-90 S/4
Nord SK12-90L/4 10.70 ratio (155 RPM)
Nord SK12-90L/4 6.53 ratio (254 RPM)
Nord SK12-90L/4 8.56 ratio (194 RPM)
Nord SK13080L-63L/4
Nord SK132 S/4 CUS
Nord SK172.1-71L/4 15.76
Nord SK172.1-71L/4 24.8
Nord SK172.1-71L/4 34.52
Nord SK172.1-71L/4 38.75
Nord SK172.1-71L/4 CUS
Nord SK172.1-80/4CUS
Nord SK172.1-80L/4 15.76
Nord SK172.1-80L/4 CUS
Nord SK172-63L/4 CUS
Nord SK172-71L/4
Nord SK172-71L/4-14.48
Nord SK172-71L/4-23.91
Nord SK172-71L/4-30.58
Nord SK172-71L/4-45.40
Nord SK172-80L/4
Nord SK172-80L/4-14.48
Nord Sk1S140
Nord SK1S150
Nord SK1S175VH N140TC
Nord SK1S50AZ N56C
Nord SK-1S63-90-S/4-CUS
Nord SK1SI31 – IEC63 – 63L/4 CUS
Nord SK-1SI40 USPP
Nord SK1SI50-56C
Nord SK1SI63-56C-71L/4 CUS
Nord SK1SI63-56C-80L/4 CUS
Nord SK1SI63S1
Nord SK1SI75/40V-56C
Nord SK1SM40AX-56C