Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 4

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers - Page 1

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers
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Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors

Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 4

Nord SK1SM40AZ B-71L/4 CUS
Nord SK20063S4
Nord SK-2050-71 L/4
Nord SK205VFF
Nord SK22 N140TC
Nord SK22 N140TC-90 SH/4 CUS
Nord SK22 N56C
Nord SK22-100L/4 10.89 ratio (157 RPM)
Nord SK22-100L/4 16.75 ratio (102 RPM)
Nord SK22-100LA/4 4.62 ratio (373 RPM)
Nord SK22-100LA/4 6.86 ratio (251 RPM)
Nord SK22180TC1
Nord SK22-71L/4 CUS
Nord SK22-90L/4 16.75 ratio (99 RPM)
Nord SK22-90L/4 23.74 ratio (70 RPM)
Nord SK22-C18T
Nord SK22-N140TC-145 TC
Nord SK22VL-180TC
Nord SK23
Nord SK250/1FCV
Nord SK272-71L/4
Nord SK272-71L/4-57.38
Nord SK272-80L/4
Nord SK272-80L/4-20.96
Nord SK272-80L/4-31.17
Nord SK272-80LH/4
Nord SK2S63-NB-56C
Nord SK2SM40-71S/4
Nord SK32 N210TC
Nord SK32100-90LH/4CUS
Nord SK32100-90-SH/4
Nord SK32100AFSH
Nord SK32-100L/4
Nord SK32-100L/4 20.70 ratio (82 RPM)
Nord SK32-100L/4 31.16 ratio (55 RPM)
Nord SK32-100L/4 46.25 ratio (37 RPM)
Nord SK32-100LA/4 11.71 ratio (147 RPM)
Nord SK32-100LA/4 16.66 ratio (104 RPM)
Nord SK32-100LA/4 8.36 ratio (206 RPM)
Nord SK32-140TC
Nord SK32-180TC5.28
Nord SK32-210TC3.75
Nord SK32-56C
Nord SK3282AF-100LA/4 CUS
Nord SK3282AF-132S/4 CUS
Nord SK3282AG
Nord SK3282SC-100L/4 CUS
Nord SK32-90L/4 33.05 ratio (50 RPM)
Nord SK32-90L/4 46.25 ratio (36 RPM)
Nord SK32-N210TC