Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 5

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers - Page 1

Nord Drive Systems Part Numbers
This is not a complete list.
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Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors

Nord Right-Angle Helical-worm Gearmotors Part Numbers – Page 5

Nord SK32RV30-145
Nord SK370/1FCT
Nord SK372.1-71L/4 60.83
Nord SK372.1-80L/4 23
Nord SK372.1-80L/4 33.84
Nord SK372.1-80L/4 43.26
Nord SK372-56C
Nord SK372-80L/4
Nord SK372-80L/4-39.78
Nord SK42-100LA/4 24.67 ratio (70 RPM)
Nord SK42-100LA/4 35.25 ratio (49 RPM)
Nord SK42-140TC
Nord SK42-250TC
Nord SK42-90L/4 74.87 ratio (22 RPM)
Nord SK472-100L/4
Nord SK472-100L/4-14.02
Nord SK472-100L/4-20.17
Nord SK472-100L4/CUS
Nord SK472-90 L/4
Nord SK473-80L/4
Nord SK473-80L/4-57.96
Nord SK52-100L/4 71.39 ratio (24 RPM)
Nord SK52-100LA/4 53.81 ratio (32 RPM)
Nord SK52-112M/4
Nord SK52-132 M/4
Nord Sk52-250TC
Nord SK5282-132MH
Nord SK53-100L/4 139.34 ratio (12 RPM)
Nord SK572.1-100L/4 13.67
Nord SK572.1-100L/4 13.67 1.25
Nord SK572.1-100L/4 19.57
Nord SK572.1-100L/4 19.57 1.25
Nord SK572.1-100L/4 CUS
Nord SK572.1-100LA/4 15.38
Nord SK572-100L/40
Nord SK572-100L/40-15.59
Nord SK572-100L/40-20.17
Nord SK573.1-100L/4 30.93
Nord SK573.1-80L/4 60.97
Nord SK573.1-80L/4 60.97 1.25
Nord SK573-100L/4
Nord SK573-100L/4-29.01
Nord SK63 IEC90
Nord SK63-100LA/4 107.89 ratio (16 RPM)
Nord SK673.1-100L/4 41.54
Nord SK673-100L/4
Nord SK673-100L/4-39.62
Nord SK700E151340A
Nord SK700E-151-340-A
Nord SK700E-221-340-A