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Warner Electric Part Numbers

UPC                         Product Description                       Part#

884107164946    SPEED REDUCER                     HF71510B5HP14    H05890
884107164960    Precision Gearhead                PL2142-070-KS-S-0102-24.0    P01303
884107165257    Precision Gearhead                PL2115-020-KS-S-0301-16.0    P01304
884107165264    Precision Gearhead                PL5070-009-0801-12.7    P01305
884107165271    Precision Gearhead                PL5070-NEMA34    P01306
884107165318    SPEED REDUCER                     F72610B5J    H05911
884107165356    VALVE                             EK81DA06-KC0-KL3    50933
884107165370    SPEED REDUCER                     F72440B7J    H05916
884107165424    Precision Gearhead                PL2115-030-KS-S-0801-24.0    P01307
884107165431    ORC2SACHP18P20                    ORC2SACHP18P20    Z00452
884107165516    SPEED REDUCER                     HF7215B5HP16    H05925
884107165608    HEL/WORM RED.HOLLOW               SF832BRF-20K-B5-G    D01224
884107165646    SPEED REDUCER                     HF726 50 B5 HP19    H05937
884107165653    Precision Gearhead                P01308    P01308
884107165967    Precision Gearhead                PL5120-100-4230101-19.0    P01309
884107166247    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73240FB7HP35    H05977
884107166254    LOR200SAP18                       LOR200SAP18    Z00456
884107166537    Precision Gearhead                PL5050-030-0201-09.0    P01312
884107167220    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73850B9HP31    H06049
884107167282    PRECISION GEARHEAD                PL5155-005-0101-28.0    P01314
884107167336    Precsision Gearhead               PR6060-020-KS-S-4020301-11.0    P01315
884107167343    Precision Gearhead                PL5070-100-4110401-11.0    P01316
884107167541    SPEED REDUCER                     HF7305B9HP27    H06073
884107167879    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73060B7HP19    H06098
884107168081    Precision Gearhead                PL2142-040-KS-S-4041302-16.0    P01317
884107168180    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73840FB9HP39    H06123
884107168258    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73020B9HP23    H06130
884107168265    ORC3SMTHP16                       ORC3SMTHP16    Z00471
884107168487    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72610B9HP24    H06145
884107168500    Precision Gearhead                PL5090-020-0201-12.7    P01318
884107168609    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F832B-16K-B5-M6    D01250
884107168715    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F842B-16K-B5-M4    D01251
884107169026    Precision Gearhead                PL5050-005-0401-11.0    P01319
884107169040    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F842B-3.9K-B7-M4    D01256
884107169132    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F842B-2.6K-B7-M4    D01257
884107169149    HELICAL SPEED REDUCER             F842B-2.6K-B5-M4    D01258
884107169484    HEL/WORM RED.HOLLOW               SF842BRT-20K-B5    D01268
884107169491    ORC4SMCHP32P32                    ORC4SMCHP32P32    Z00474
884107169910    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73830B9HP23    H06243
884107170060    Precision Gearhead                PL5205-070-4150301-35.0    P01320
884107170091    SPEED REDUCER                     HF72410B5HP20    H06257
884107170534    ORC2FRTMP15                       ORC2FRTMP15    Z00481
884107170756    SHIM .003 STEEL S860BR            XS860BR-39A    59675
884107170770    SPEED REDUCER                     HF732 20 B9 H P20    H06298
884107170862    Precision Gearhead                PL6140-007-KS-M-4050503-35.0    P01321
884107170879    Precision Gearhead                PR6140-014-KS-S-4050503-35.0    P01322
884107171234    Precision Gearhead                PL2180-025-KS-S-4050503-35.0    P01323
884107171326    Precision Gearhead                PL5120-010-4140601-28.0    P01324
884107171395    WOR05NBLP30                       WOR05NBLP30    Z00484
884107171562    SPEED REDUCER                     HF73220B7HP32    H06341

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